Welcome to our first e-Newsletter bringing news of ecotio2® and Nawkaw.
Most of you will know how Nawkaw is bringing colour to construction facades of all types of surfaces, but we are also delighted to feature our ecotio2® Photocatalyst Coating that has already been used on some significant projects in Australia over the last few years!

The objective of this e-Newsletter is to increase understanding and to launch the new ecotio2®
brochure which walks through some key points about this exciting nano technology including;

  1. What is ecotio2®?
  2. How does ecotio2® work? and
  3. Key benefits of using ecotio2® across a wide range of surfaces

In this edition we have featured recent ecotio2® projects and why our ecotio2® was selected. We hope you find the brochure helpful. If you would like to know more or would like a presentation, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange it. We would like the opportunity to answer technical
questions on ecotio2® as it is very innovative and often requires a discussion to fully appreciate what it can deliver.

We also think you will be impressed by the stunning facade effects possible with the Nawkaw
colouring process. Check out the projects in this newsletter and be inspired for your next creation. It’s always best to involve us at the design stage of your project, so that you can get the best outcome for your project and deliver a long-term look that meets your expectations. We can tailor the specification to achieve the best aesthetic and technical results utilising both Nawkaw and ecotio2®.

So, please contact us early in your project design.

Finally we would love to receive your feedback on this e-Newsletter or our products.

Best wishes

Tony Watling
Managing Director

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