Reduce your maintenance costs

Are you looking for a way to better manage your building maintenance budget?

Photocatalyst Coatings can help you reduce your maintenance costs by up to 65%.

Case studies in Japan have shown exciting results for buildings using ecotio2® coatings. Using ecotio2® means a building no longer needs to be cleaned six times over a 10 year period. Instead, ecotio2® means that same building is now only cleaned twice in 10 years.

This saves on maintenance costs and also reduces the use of harmful chemicals used in the cleaning process.

Photocatalyst Coatings doesn’t just mean you have less cleaning to do; you’ll also be increasing the life of the surface. Things like concrete and glass stay newer longer because Photocatalyst Coatings decomposes dirty compounds that form on the surface. Any water that then forms on the surface helps the compounds float away.

Do you want to know how Photocatalyst Coatings can be used on your next project?

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