Ecotio2® can be used as an anti carbonation protection.

Protects and Prolong the life of your concrete structure!

The affected depth from the concrete surface can be readily shown by the use of phenolphthalein indicator solution.

The ecotio2® coating system for concrete is inorganic. It seals the pores of the concrete restricting the water ingress and the rate of carbonation of the concrete surface.

The carbonation depth is approximately proportional to the square root of time. For example, if the carbonation depth is 1mm in a one-year-old concrete, it will be about 3mm after 9 year and 5mm after 25 years.

The same mechanism that gives anti-carbonation properties (pore sealing) also helps stop mould from starting as less cracks. If mould does try and grow then the photocatalyst will prevent this.


Image 1. No penetration of carbonate  with ecotio2®


Image 2. Unprotected concrete showing depth of carbonation

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