A revolutionary product for your buildings and infrastructure that keeps them looking new, purifies the air and reduces maintenance costs.

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Revolutionary building coating technology

Photocatalyst Coatings is an innovating sealant that uses natural ecotio2® technology to provide sustainable and cost effective solutions for a range of commercial and residential projects. Popular in Japan and Asia, you can now get Photocatalyst Coatings in Australia.

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Purify the air and save time and money with ecotio2® protective and self-cleaning applications. Powered by light, Photocatalyst Coatings not only washes off dirt, but it also breaks down contaminates and stains. The coating also breaks down airborne pollutants and smog.


Purify the air and save time and money with ecotio2® protective and self-cleaning applications. Powered by light, Photocatalyst Coatings not only removes odours but it also breaks down VOC, airborne virus and bacteria.

Japanese quality and stringent manufacturing processes coupled with years of testing and 1000’s of successful applications in Japan and Asia.


Photocatalyst Coatings is an environmentally friendly and easy to apply solution that can be used in a variety of ways – there’s an application designed to suit your next building project.


Using Photocatalyst Coatings on concrete will ensure your building is durable, self-cleaning and actually helps to reduce the amount of air pollution.

Building Panels

Photocatalyst Coatings provides self-cleaning functionality to preserve the as new aesthetics on cladding panels and aluminium sandwich architectural cladding.


Using the power of light Photocatalyst Coatings create self-cleaning glass surfaces that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


Our coatings can be used to create eco-friendly ceramic and tile surfaces that require less cleaning and maintenance.

Painted Surfaces

When applied to painted surfaces, Photocatalyst Coatings will help maintain, keep clean and prolong the life of surface – keeping it looking newer for longer.

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Learn more about the benefits of working with Photocatalyst Coatings and our team.

How It Works

Learn how ecotio2® uses sunlight to turn smog, pollution and stains into harmless by-products. Photocatalyst Coatings are transparent and designed for a wide variety of everyday surfaces. The active ingredient, titanium dioxide doesn’t dissolve in water and is a safe substance found in many types of cosmetics and food additives.

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Case Studies

See the benefits of using Photocatalyst Coatings on a range of different projects. Our product has been applied to a variety of projects – from residential homes to the Northwest Rail Link.

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